LIP received grant funding to partner with artist group Raven-Tacuara and the Chilliwack Mural Festival to invest in anti-racism. 4 conversation circles with participants of racialized identities met to share about their own experiences in Canada. The discussions will inspire the creation of a new public art mural for downtown Chilliwack. We hope the mural will amplify the diverse voices speaking into our community as it becomes a more welcoming space for everyone. The mural was completed in August 2022.

The team at LIP is comprised of such kind, intelligent and good hearted human beings.  By making space to truly listen to my input, they were able to integrate new knowledge into their organization with efficiency and expertise.  Working with them was an honour, and the results of our time together are undeniably positive.  Their team is so committed to ensuring the newcomers to Chilliwack have a solid home base to learn, grow and feel at home in; they are an inspiration to our entire city!

-Amber Price, Owner of The Bookman, Co-found of Chilliwack Mural Festival

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